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Another late-night show host takes on NCPG gambling ad

Thought you had enough of those gambling ad spoofs? Think again.

First, it was Jimmy Fallon. And now, the host of new HBO comedy show Last Week Tonight with John Oliver has taken on the now-infamous gambling ad put out by National Council on Problem Gambling (NCPG).

It seems like even John Oliver is in awe of Andy's dad saying that he "was on a hot streak".

Oliver poked fun at the ad, which shows a boy lamenting that his dad has bet all his savings on Germany winning the World Cup, in a three-minute clip.

He even acknowledged the follow-up ad, which was put up online right after Germany claimed the Cup. 

Oliver then goes on to show several of his own remake versions of the ad. Singaporeans who don't follow American sports might not understand. But it's worth taking note of "Andy's" outfits here and how they evolve with every bet.

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P.S. Non-sports fans, Ryan Gosling has a mention.

Also, Andy's dad is not the only father cashing in. Golfer Rory McIlroy's father won $200,000 after he bet ten years ago that his son would win the British Open.






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