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Eliza Dushku forced to vacate hotel room to make way for One Direction

No one is spared when One Direction rolls into town – even other celebrities.

Eliza Dushku found this out the hard way after she was forced to move out of the Pittsburgh hotel room she had been calling home for the past two months when the British boy band arrived there last week for a concert at Heinz Field on Sunday (Aug 2).

The actress, who starred as Faith in the Buffy the Vampire Slayer TV series alongside Sarah Michelle Gellar in the late 1990s, posted a photo after clearing out her room on Instagram:



The post drew out One Direction's legion of online fans, who mostly slammed the 34-year-old for her perceived complaints about the situation.

One fan even wrote: "One direction is the best boy band in the world, so why not? Would be the same if u were the best actress..."

Despite the inconvenience (and obnoxious Directioners), Dushku reassured everyone on Twitter that she was taking it all in her stride.

She even tried to score some tickets to the 1D concert for the child of one of her pals:

Dushku also absolved the hotel in question of any wrongdoing.

Sources: Instagram and Twitter via The Independent

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