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Friends' regular hangout Central Perk set to open for real in New York

Ever wanted to hang out in the iconic Friends coffee shop, "Central Perk"? 

Well now you can!

An actual Central Perk is going to be set up in New York, of course.

Where else could be it be set up, right?

Created to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the hit TV show, the real life Central Perk will unfortunately only be around for one month, from Sept 17 to Oct 18. 

Another 3D rendering of the pop-up coffee shop. Recognise anything from here? Photo: Warner Bros. Entertainment.  

According to the press release some of the highlights of the shop include, the sale of limited edition "Friends" merchandise, weekly "live" performances of some of Phoebe's songs and they will be serving free cups of coffee.

No word though on whether or not the show's main stars will make an appearance at the shop.

This guy will be making "select" appearances. Photo: Youtube/bedstelillegule​

Ok, we have to admit that we were a bit disappointed when we read that.

Even Jimmy Kimmel's recent eight-minute sketch was graced by the appearance of Jennifer Anniston, Lisa Kudrow and Courtney Cox.

They did announce that James Michael Tyler, the man who played Gunther, will be making select appearances.

Guess it would be fitting that the barista will be making an appearance at the shop.

But without the Friends, it would seem like less of a perk.

Source: Warner Bros, YouTube