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Halle Berry's top tips for buying and wearing lingerie

US actress Halle Berry is a full-fledged businesswoman now, thanks to her efforts in relaunching 80-year-old Parisian lingerie brand Scandale. 

The brand's new line was revealed this week in Paris and New York, with Berry, 48, also announcing that her first 10-piece collection - priced between US$7 (S$8.90) and US$18 - will be available at US store Target from Oct 27. 

Berry owns 50 per cent of the French company, which she discovered while in Paris with her French actor husband Olivier Martinez, reports Los Angeles Times. 

Here are three top tips from Berry about bras:

Wear them - a lot

"Since I first grew boobs, I started to wear my bras around the clock," Berry tells Vogue. 

"My mother told me that if you don’t want them to start sagging too early, always wear a bra. I’ve done that my whole life and they are pretty good today because of that."

Buy comfortable bras, so you can wear them all the time for support

This should go without saying but some women invest too much in fancy but uncomfortable underwear. 

“If you are going to sleep in them and wear them, and take them off just to wash them, I think you have to wear something really comfortable," says Berry. 

But don't just buy comfortable bras - get some pretty ones, too

Berry joked to Vogue about friends of hers who wear "the same 'janky' bras for five years straight". 

"What I learned about the French woman is that she is always updating her lingerie,” said Berry. “They aren’t going to be caught in the emergency not prepared and if they cut their clothes off, they are going to be fabulous under there.”

Which, of course, is why her affordably priced lingerie line includes items in both classic and wilder designs like black diamond mesh and animal print. 

“I think that it’s really important to bring good quality at this price so that every woman can have a collection of it, you don’t have to have one bra you pay oodles of money for that you wear until it’s dead." - Halle Berry

Sources: Los Angeles Times, Vogue

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