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Hannah Davis becomes Sports Illustrated Swimsuit's 'raciest ever' cover girl

It's not often that the cover of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue is not set with the beach in the background.

But the sporting magazine's newly-released cover, which features model Hannah Davis, is set in a farm, of all places.

Not that anyone really noticed.

After all, Davis, 24, revealed plenty of skin in a black and nude lace bikini.

The way her fingers were pulling down her bikini bottom led the Daily Mail to call it "one of the raciest covers to date".

A stunned Davis said: "I told my mum there was no way I'd get the cover. I told her 'They do beaches for covers and I'm on a farm. There's no way. It's not possible.'"

The photo was taken at a blackberry farm in Tennessee.

The magazine's assistant managing editor M.J. Day, set Davis' impression straight, saying: "There's no person. There's no place. The best photo wins. Period."

Davis, who was featured twice on the magazine before but never its cover, is dating recently retired New York Yankees baseball star Derek Jeter.

Source: Daily Mail, Sports Illustrated

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