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Lady Gaga to marry boyfriend Taylor Kinney in romantic wedding in space?

Trust the flamboyant Lady Gaga to want to do something out of this earth for her wedding.

The 28-year-old Grammy award winner is planning to get married in space. 

Lady Gaga and actor boyfriend Taylor Kinney, who have been together since 2011, are set to become the first people to get the opportunity to fly on Richard Branson's Galatic flight early next year.

The electric singer was asked to be the first performer to perform in space. And to make full use of that unique experience, she's thinking of getting married while up in the air.

"Gaga and Taylor want to make a pledge for life, and think the space flight is too big an opportunity to pass up," a source told the Daily Star newspaper.

"It would be typical of her to have the least conventional wedding ever. Of course it would be a simulated-style marriage as there wouldn't be a priest or religious figure there. But they don't care about convention, it's more about making each other a life-long promise."      

Photo: Lady Gaga/Twitter

Passengers who wish to be on board as well have to pay US$250,000 (S$312,000) per seat on the Galatic flight. Because she's performing, she gets to be on the flight for free, which means she'll have plenty of dough left to get an out-of-the-world dress (pun intended).

"Performing in space is such an honour. I want to challenge myself to come up with something that will not only bring everyone together but will also have a message of love that blasts into the beyond,” she said.

For someone with such a unique sense of style, she sure does go back to basics with love.

We can also expect to see actors Brad Pitt, 50, Angelina Jolie, 39, and Ashton Kutcher, 36 on board this epic flight.

Source: Mirror, Daily Star

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