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Actor Tim Allen says Lightyear movie 'has no relationship to Buzz' of Toy Story

American actor Tim Allen, who voiced toy astronaut Buzz Lightyear in the Toy Story franchise (1995 to present), has broken his silence on the movie Lightyear.

The spin-off film currently showing in cinemas serves as the origin story of the toy Lightyear. The character is voiced by Captain America actor Chris Evans, 41, instead of Allen, 69.

"The short answer is I've stayed out of this 'cause it has nothing to do (with my character)," Allen said in an interview with ExtraTV which was aired on Wednesday (June 29).

He disclosed that he was involved initially in discussions on the new movie.

"We talked about this many years ago. It came up in one of the sessions. I said, 'What a fun movie that would be'," Allen said.

John Lasseter, the co-founder of Pixar Animation Studios and director of the first two movies, left Pixar due to allegations of sexual misconduct.

In a likely reference to him, Allen said: "But the brass that did the first four movies is not this. It's just a whole new team that really have nothing to do with the first movies."

Allen, who also starred in the American sitcoms Home Improvement (1991 to 1999) and Last Man Standing (2011 to 2021), thought Lightyear would be a live-action movie, but it turned out to be another animated film.

He also lamented the absence of the character Woody, the cowboy voiced by actor Tom Hanks in the franchise, a close buddy of Buzz Lightyear.

"It's Hanks and I. There's really no Toy Story's Buzz without Woody," Allen said.

He acknowledged that Lightyear has a wonderful story, although he was hoping for an adventure story.

"It just doesn't seem to have any connection to the toy," he said.

"It has no relationship to Buzz. It's just no connection. I wish there was a better connection."