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Angelina Jolie wants to know why FBI did not charge Brad Pitt over 2016 plane incident

Hollywood actress Angelina Jolie is asking why the US Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) did not press charges against her former husband, actor Brad Pitt, over a conflict during a flight from France to Los Angeles in 2016.

This was reported this week by several American media outlets, which said that Jolie, 47, was the "Jane Doe" who filed the suit in April.

The Maleficent (2014) actress, who is in a custody battle with Pitt, 58, over their six children, had asked for the FBI documents to be released to her under the Freedom of Information Act, reported People magazine.

The plane incident took place on Sept 14, 2016. Jolie filed for divorce six days later.

According to the FBI report, Pitt allegedly grabbed Jolie, pushed her into a wall and punched the plane's ceiling during the flight.

She reportedly admitted to grabbing his neck after it appeared that he was going to hit one of the children for calling him a "pr--k" during the argument, according to People magazine.

Jolie also claimed that about US$$25,000 (S$35, 000) in damage to the plane was caused by red wine being spilled onto a seat during the spat, according to the FBI report.

The report, seen by media outlets such as Page Six, showed that the relevant authorities had discussed the case in November 2016 before they reached a decision not to press charges against Pitt.

A source close to Pitt told People that both he and Jolie have had these documents for years and there was "nothing new" in them.

The source added that the Bullet Train (2022) actor "has remained silent on this issue because he knows that is the best thing for his kids, what's best for everybody".

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