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Conan Doyle estate sues Netflix over 'emotional' Sherlock Holmes film

WASHINGTON: Netflix is being sued by the estate of Sherlock Holmes creator Arthur Conan Doyle for alleged breach of copyright after a new film, to premiere in September, portrayed the famous detective as having feelings and respecting women.

Enola Holmes - starring Stranger Things actress Millie Bobby Brown - is a Netflix adaptation of a series of Nancy Springer novels that imagines Holmes (played by Henry Cavill) has a teenage sister, who is also the title character.


Although a separate court case established early Holmes novels are in the public domain, the lawsuit alleges the detective developed feelings only in the last 10 books, which remain under the control of the Arthur Conan Doyle estate.

"Holmes became warmer. He became capable of friendship. He could express emotion. He began to respect women," claimed the suit, filed in New Mexico federal court last week.

It alleges Holmes shows his feelings only in the final novels, arguing that as a result, Springer's depiction and Netflix's adaptation would violate their copyright.

The lawsuit also targets Springer, her publisher Penguin Random House and the producer of the latest film, Legendary Pictures. - AFP

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