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Depp almost faced financial ruin due to lavish spending

Johnny Depp's spending - including US$3 million (S$4.24 million) to blast author Hunter S. Thompson's ashes from a cannon - led him to the brink of financial ruin, according to a lawsuit on Tuesday.

Over the best part of two decades, the US actor has been spending US$2 million a month, according to The Management Group (TMG), which is suing the star in Los Angeles for an unpaid loan.

Depp, 53, is believed to have forked out US$75 million on 14 homes, including a 18-ha French castle, a chain of Bahaman islands, several Hollywood homes, penthouse lofts in downtown LA and a horse farm in Kentucky.

Since 2000, Depp has spent US$18 million on a yacht, bought 45 luxury cars and shelled out almost US$700,000 a month on wine, private planes and a staff of 40 people, according to the lawsuit.

TMG said it repeatedly warned Depp over his "wanton" overspending, but he responded by rebuking his managers, increasing his spending and demanding they find some way to pay for it. - AFP