Going In Style mixes comedy with social commentary

The world of the senior citizen is often no comedy.

But veteran Hollywood actors Michael Caine, Morgan Freeman and Alan Arkin have combined comedy and social commentary in their new film Going In Style, which is about a group of elderly bank robbers.

Opening here tomorrow, the remake of the 1979 film of the same name centres on three senior citizens who decide to rob a bank when they have their pensions taken away.

"This is a little deeper than most comedies you will see", said Caine, 84, at the film's world premiere in New York City.

Director Zach Braff, 42, agreed.

He said: "How can you make a movie about seniors this year without discussing some of the social issues we all know that everyone, not just seniors, are facing in this country?

"Pensions are disappearing because companies are going overseas, (because of) the healthcare debate and predatory lending from the banks - these are all things that are big issues for a lot of people in this country, especially seniors."

The film's co-star Christopher Lloyd, 78, said: "It is fun to see the three of them get together and decide we are going to change things for ourselves and take action, however futile it might be."

When asked about US President Donald Trump, Caine professed finding him interesting.

"Well, he is not boring on television, is he?" he said. "I mean, I am an Englishman, and I wake up every morning and I turn on CNN to see what he has done." - REUTERS

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