Help us pick a winner

Thanks for taking part in M’s Godzilla fan art contest, which was launched on April 16.

We’ve seen really amazing submissions, and your blood, sweat and tears won’t be in vain.

We have received over 65 interpretations of Godzilla and now it’s time to narrow it down to 10 — The New Paper’s art department will choose their favourite five, while your vote will help decide the next five.

Director Gareth Edwards, who helms the upcoming big-screen reboot, will pick the one that captures the essence of the famed lizard king. The movie opens here on May 15. T

he remaining nine will be ranked by TNP’s award-winning senior infographics journalist Kelvin Chan.

All shortlisted artworks will be displayed at Singapore’s Godzilla gala premiere on May 12 at Shaw Lido Theatres. The winners will also receive prizes worth over $6,000, including limited edition Godzilla movie premiums.

Voting closes May 5.