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HK director Stephen Chow and Taiwanese singer Jay Chou tease collaboration

HONG KONG – Hong Kong comedy legend Stephen Chow and Taiwanese Mandopop star Jay Chou have teased the possibility of a collaboration in a series of recent social media posts.

Chow, 60, has been active on Instagram since he set up an account in October, sending out a call for Web3 talent and giving out his handwritten Chinese New Year couplets to “people who are fated”.

On Tuesday, the director shared a photo of him listening to Chou’s songs from his latest album, Greatest Works Of Art (2022), while enjoying a glass of red wine, along with the caption: “See you in Hong Kong @jaychou.”

Chou, who is in Paris, replied: “You have great taste, Sing Yeh,” referring to Chow’s nickname.

The 44-year-old singer also posted on Instagram a photo of him holding a poker card, with Chow’s movie God Of Gamblers Part III: Back To Shanghai (1991) playing on a tablet.

Chou wrote: “Sing Yeh, do you want me to bring you a few bottles of red wine from France or meet Pierre Cashon on your behalf?”

Cashon was the French “god of gamblers” played by Declan Wong, brother of American actors Michael Wong and Russell Wong, who duelled with Chow’s character in the movie’s finale.

Chow replied on his Instagram Stories with a line from the singer’s 2016 hit song Love Confession: “I just need a fallen leaf from Champs-Elysees.”

Chow’s manager raised further prospects of the collaboration when he told the Hong Kong media: “We are in talks, but can’t disclose the details for now.”

The Hong Kong media have speculated that the stars may meet in Hong Kong in May, when Chou will be holding seven concerts.


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