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Johnny Depp secretly made a Donald Trump film

The most famous American right now is arguably Donald J Trump.

Given his amazing rich-to-richer life story, It's amazing that nobody has made a film about the property mogul/reality TV star/presidential hopeful.

Or so we thought.

Another famous American —​ Johnny Depp — has made a 50 minute biopic supposedly based on Trump's best-selling book The Art Of The Deal.

Of course, it isn't really.

It's meant to be a TV movie created (produced/written/directed/edited/scored/etc) by Trump, that was never shown because he withdrew it after falling out with the TV channel over a football match.

What is true is that Depp does a spot on Trump impression and that this spoof's release surprised every one.

The film was made in total secret months ago and was only released on Wednesday to coincide with Trump's victory in the New Hampshire Primary. (One of the gags hinges on it looking possible that he's going to be US President.)

Hosted on the comedy website Funny Or Die, the spoof film looks suitably 80s, complete with VHS tracking issues and features Depp under prosthetics and a wig.

The Pirates Of The Caribbean star is complemented by a large supporting cast of well-known faces from the modern comedy world... as well as Alf, the popular-80s puppet.

The comedy site's Editor-in-Chief Owen Burke first came up with the idea but had no planned that it woyuld have to be kept under wraps for so long.

He told The New York Times“The plan was to move really fast because we thought Trump would go away. When he bizarrelydidn’t go away, we had a little more time. But that meant keeping the secret for longer.”

Some of the cast and crew signed non-disclosure agreements. But in other cases, "mostly we just begged people not to say anything." 

 Adam McKay, Oscar-nominated director for The Big Short and on of the sites co-founders told The New York Times that he hoped the film would annoy Trump "with any luck".

Of course, It is clearly designed to poke fun at Trump and makes every opportunity to make fun of his egotism, persona and his stand on racial matters. A young co-star is blatantly replaced every time Trump finds out his ethnicity.

It is peppered with jokes, even in the fake end credits which end with the line "Some animals were harmed during the making of this film and it was totally worth it".



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