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Late actor Aloysius Pang's final movie set to be released in Thailand in June

Late actor Aloysius Pang's final movie is set to be released in Thailand next month.

His mentor, television host and NoonTalk Media founder Dasmond Koh, posted on Instagram on May 3 two posters of Thai horror movie The Antique Shop, with one of them featuring Pang.

The movie's trailer was also uploaded on NoonTalk Media's Facebook and Instagram accounts.

Koh, 50, said the movie will be released first in Thailand on June 2, with the local screening date yet to be confirmed.

Pang was seriously injured while carrying out repairs during a live-firing exercise in New Zealand in January 2019, and later died. He was 28.

Koh wrote in a letter addressed to Pang: "How are you? Are you working hard as you have always been in the world you are in?"

He added that The Antique Shop, which Pang had begun filming but did not get to finish, has finally been completed after delays due to the pandemic.

The original story has been divided into three parts and the cast now also includes Noontalk artistes Xu Bin, the star of hit drama My Star Bride (2021), and actor Damien Teo.

Koh said other stars in the movie include South Korean singer Bae Jin-young, Indonesian actor Rio Dewanto as well as Thai actors Phiravich Attachitsataporn and Chayapak Tunprayoon.

"I went to Thailand twice to watch the post-production and my feelings were mixed when I saw your clips on the TV screen," Koh said. "I hope you can watch this movie with a smile."

Koh told Lianhe Zaobao in January that Pang has already filmed part of the movie in Thailand before his death.

He said Pang was originally scheduled to film a TV serial after completing his reservist training and head to Thailand for a week during a break to complete the movie.

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