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Movie reviews: Destroyer, When Ghost Meets Zombie


3.5 Ticks

This crime drama-actioner follows the existential and moral odyssey of LAPD detective Erin Bell (Nicole Kidman), who remains haunted by memories of when she was a young undercover cop with a crime gang in the California desert, with tragic consequences.

The Oscar winner delivers a vivacious and soulful performance as the younger Bell. Her take on the weathered, harrowed, middle-aged woman is commendable effort-wise and she definitely looks the part, but is somewhat lacking.

Destroyer does not believe in linear story-telling, and flashbacks are sometimes interwoven with present-day scenes, which can get confusing.

However, the film still deserves praise for its portrayal of the tenuous relationship between Bell and her wayward daughter and the fiery, tragic romance between Bell and her undercover partner (Sebastian Stan). - JASMINE LIM


2.5 Ticks

The latest homegrown attempt at marrying horror and humour sent chills down my spine - but not for the right reasons.

It was hard to sit through the unrealistic CGI animation and slapstick comedy.

When Ghost Meets Zombie tells the story of Pong (Nathan Hartono), who turns into a zombie after saving his town from a disaster. He roams aimlessly, until Zhen Zhen (Ferlyn G), a female ghost with a wandering soul, enters his life - literally and figuratively.

Despite the exaggerated effects and underdeveloped plot, local singer Hartono's standout movie debut must be acknowledged.

The other redeeming quality lies in its theme of selfless love, which is a cliche, yet also a must-have for a film that is clearly capitalising on its Valentine's Day release date. - RUTH PHANG