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Pattinson no longer in the dog house

Actor's sacrifices for low-budget independent film pay off

Actor Robert Pattinson, accustomed to luxury trailers and gourmet food, was reduced to taking a catnap in a dog cage on the set of his latest movie Good Time, a nocturnal crime thriller set in New York City.

"We were setting up lights and I was like, 'Where's Rob?' I look over and there is a dog cage, a huge dog cage, and (Pattinson) is in there sleeping," the film's co-director Josh Safdie said in an interview.

Pattinson said: "Just shooting at the pace we were shooting at, you are kind of always on. We didn't even have trailers."

The British actor, best known for playing vampire Edward Cullen in the Twilight young adult romance film franchise, portrays a psychopath named Connie in Good Time. Connie is obsessed with breaking his developmentally challenged brother out of prison after a botched robbery attempt.

The film, released in US theatres yesterday, was shot mostly with handheld cameras on the streets of the New York City borough of Queens, following Connie on an all-night odyssey filled with misadventure.

The actor's sacrifices for the low-budget independent film paid off in rave reviews for his performance. film critic Sam Fragoso compared Pattinson's "manic adrenalised performance" to Robert De Niro in 1973 crime thriller Mean Streets, while Emily Yoshido of New York Magazine said he delivered "some of the best work of his post-franchise journeyman career".

The film also received a 100 per cent rating with top critics on movie aggregator - REUTERS