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Shu Qi rebuffs netizen who says having kids leads to an out-of-shape body

Taiwanese actress Shu Qi rebutted a netizen recently after the latter claimed having babies would change one’s body. 

The comment was made on an Instagram post in which the 48-year-old, who is married to Hong Kong actor-director Stephen Fung, shared a video of her workout routine to keep her body in shape. 

After sharing in detail how she has kept fit all these years, including balancing her diet and daily exercise, one netizen remarked in English: “And of course, don’t have babies, it changes your body.”

Disagreeing with the comment, Shu Qi responded, in English as well: “I have many friends who have had children, and their bodies are better than mine.”

In the post before, Shu Qi had shared snaps of herself in a white dress, which gained over 250,000 likes.

Writing about keeping fit, she wrote: “Staying in shape is actually very simple. Don’t sit when you can stand, don’t lie down when you can sit, and maintain a happy mood.

"I eat everything, including desserts, in moderation, and then for dinner, I have a simple bowl of multigrain porridge. If I need to stay up late, I’ll eat normally till I am 70 percent full. But of course, you have to burn off as much as you consume.”

“It is easy to lose weight healthily if you find something that suits your eating and workout habits. Don’t just starve yourself,” she added.


A post shared by SQ (@sqwhat)



A post shared by SQ (@sqwhat)

Shu Qi also said she keeps away from fried food, and limits her intake of alcoholic beverages to 100cc (100ml). 

Netizens weighed in on her routine, with many rebuking her claim that it was “simple”. 

One, for instance, said: “What you mentioned is too difficult. My biggest hobby is to lie down and eat fried chicken. I am more suited to look at beautiful people like you, I give up on looking beautiful.”

Another joked about her drinking habits, saying: “Only 100cc of wine? It's no different if you don't drink.”

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