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'Spicer' spices up New York

Actress Melissa McCarthy took her impersonation of White House press secretary Sean Spicer to New York City streets, rolling through traffic on a motorised lectern for TV comedy show Saturday Night Live. McCarthy hosted the TV show on Saturday and revived her portrayal of Spicer berating journalists who ask probing questions. - REUTERS

The Beatles’ hidden footage up for sale

Footage of The Beatles on the set of their 1965 film, Help!, is being offered for sale after 50 years of hiding in storage.

The film was shot by Aussie-born actor Leo McKern, who played a villainous cult leader in the film, and shows the band in unguarded behind-the-scenes moments.

"This is footage taken in 1965 of people who at the time were the most famous people on earth at the pinnacle of their collective career," said London rare book dealer Neil Pearson, who is selling the footage.

The band feature in 10 minutes of the footage, which comes on the original 8mm film cassette on which it was shot. The film has not been seen in public, though a portion is due to be aired on British television on Friday.

The footage commands an asking price of £35,000 (S$63,000). - REUTERS

White House ‘theatre’ opens to public

Visitors to the White House can now visit the cloakroom-turned-movie theatre where former US president Dwight Eisenhower used to sneak off to watch westerns and where former US president Jimmy Carter screened All The President's Men (1976).

The decision to open up the private presidential theatre was made by First Lady Melania Trump. "I believe everyone who takes the time to visit and tour the White House should have as much access to its rich history and wonderful traditions as possible," she said.

Among the biggest movie buffs to have occupied the Oval Office were Mr Eisenhower and Mr Richard Nixon. An even bigger cinephile was Mr Carter, who watched 480 movies in the White House, more than any other president. - AFP