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Tarantino’s pit bull ‘actress’ wins at Cannes

CANNES : Quentin Tarantino and his new movie Once Upon A Time In Hollywood may have missed out on winning the Palme d'Or over the weekend at the Cannes Film Festival, but the hefty American pitbull who wolfed down cans of tinned rat in the film took home the Palm Dog prize on Friday, prior to the award ceremony.

Known as Brandy, the brawny beast played a starring role as Brad Pitt's trusty hound.

"At least I do not go home empty-handed," quipped Tarantino as he picked up the silver-embossed dog collar on behalf of "my wonderful actress Brandy".

"(I did) feel I was in good standing to win the Palm Dog. I read a piece that said they were kind of weak on the dog section (for this year's award) and I was like, 'Ha, ha, ha! Little do they know what's coming,'" he said.

What got tails a-wagging on the jury, which judges the best canine performance every year at Cannes since 2001, was Brandy's "memorable movie meals" in which she gulps down enormous quantities of glistening chow.

Although the pooch was not in the room, there was a "stand-in" waiting in the wings - a 47kg blue-grey cane corso called Haru.

Three pooches performed on the set but Tarantino said his favourite was the "fight dog" that popped up in the film's finale, which Tarantino said put in "a great performance".

"I am not going to give this to (Brandy) - it'll go on my mantelpiece," declared the director, who does not have a dog but said that he might get one soon.

"Absolutely, this is the first step," he said. - AFP