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Baby No. 2 for Jay Chou, Shaun Chen

Two showbiz personalities, both 38, shared some good news with their fans yesterday. Taiwanese singer Jay Chou and local actor Shaun Chen announced on social media that they are both expecting baby No. 2.

Chou and his wife, model-actress Hannah Quinlivan, 23, who are expecting a boy, shared a photo of them on a yacht on Facebook and Weibo with the caption: "Valentine's Day, time for mummy's lover from her past life to come along." It is a play on Taiwanese parlance where daughters are described as their fathers' lovers from their past lives.

Chou and Quinlivan married in 2014. Their first child, a girl, was born in July 2015, three months after they announced the pregnancy.

Chen wrote on Instagram: "Is it going to be my or her Valentine's? Or perhaps a little brother or sister to the elder girl? Happy Valentine's Day everyone!"

Chen is married to a former beautician named Celine, who is in her 20s. They have a one-year-old daughter named Nellie.