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Bieber: 'Give me one more shot at second chance'

The Canadian pop star is really, really sorry for his bratty history

Looks like Justin Bieber is still seeking redemption.

The Canadian pop star just released his new single called Sorry. 

Co-written and produced by Skrillex and producer Blood Diamonds, it's getting buzz for sounding a lot like his other recent No. 1 single What Do You Mean?

Check it out below:



Sorry is the latest in a spate of singles from Bieber's upcoming album, Purpose, which is due to arrive on Nov 13 and includes guest appearances from the likes of Ariana Grande, Nas, Travis Scott and Ed Sheeran.

It will be released on the same day as One Direction’s new record, in what is sure to be a battle-of-the-heartthrobs. 



Judging from the fun and colourful video that follows a group of funkily dressed female dancers doing their utmost to shake if off, it's not hard to find your feet tapping to the upbeat tune.

Together with the lyrics asking for "one more shot at second chances", it's obvious that Bieber isn't done seeking penance for his bratty actions.


Source: E! News, Time


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