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For her 40th birthday, Della Ding Dang wishes for a husband

Della Ding Dang turned 40 on April 17 and one of her birthday wishes is to find a partner.

The Chinese singer, whose longest relationship lasted seven years, said friends have been helping to create opportunities for her to meet more people.

Speaking to the Singapore media on May 5 from Taipei ahead of her concert here, she said: "My first birthday wish is that everyone can be safe and happy. My second wish is that my husband can show up soon."

The theme of her show, which will be held on May 20, is Together Again, and it aims to bring people close together.

In that vein, she is planning for several audience interaction segments, such as a sing-a-long session, if regulations permit.

"It has been so long that we have not seen one another. I would like to chat more with the fans, and think it will be a heart-to-heart experience," said Ding, who held concerts here in 2013, 2016 and 2018.

The singer, who was reported to have gone down from the stage to shake hands with fans at some of her shows, said: "To me, physical contact with fans is great because it creates a warm and connection."

"If it is not possible, I will hold one end of a string onstage, and let my fans hold onto the other end," she added good-naturedly.

While many of her songs are love ballads, for the upcoming show, expect rearrangements of some of her songs. "I want to get people standing up and dancing," she said.

Ding is looking forward, in particular, to performing songs from her original album Die Lovin' (2019) and album Sing Together (2021), which features renditions of 1990s tunes such as Jeff Chang's Love Is Like A Tide (1993) and Richie Jen's Too Soft-Hearted (1996).

She said: "Many fans born in the 1990s or 2000s might not have had a chance to listen to classic songs from the 1990s, which have been getting a new life on singing shows. I think these songs are really classic and will include some of them in the set list."

She noted that when reinterpreting a classic song, the challenge is to retain some of its original flavour while adding new elements.

"I don't have a criteria as to how 'successful' a cover song is. I guess I want to showcase some of the possibilities of how a song can be interpreted."

Indeed, one of the songs she is best known for, I Am A Little Bird, is a cover of a 1990 song originally sung by Taiwanese singer Chao Chuan. She is also known for her own original numbers, such as I Love Him and Heart Of Palms.

The theme of her show, which will be held on May 20, is Together Again, and it aims to bring people close together. PHOTO: B'IN MUSIC

Over the years, the media has given her labels such as "queen of love ballads" and "diva".

Ding is flattered by these titles: "It encourages me to work harder. I have never thought of what title others give me. I just know I am a singer who tries to perform every song well."

Even though she has turned 40, she feels her approach to life is no different from when she entered show business in the early 2000s.

She said: "Although I have walked a long road, I still think I approach things with the attitude of a newcomer. To me, this desire to learn and be curious is very precious."

Della Sing Together Again 2022 Live In Singapore

Where: The Star Theatre, The Star Performing Centre, 1 Vista Exchange Green
When: May 20, 8pm
Admission: $88 to $148 via Ticketmaster (or call 3158-8588)