Iggy Azalea suing ex for releasing old songs, possible sex tape

Iggy Azalea knows exactly how much of a pain ex-boyfriends can be - she's so upset, she's suing hers

Rapper Jefe Wine - real name Maurice Williams - is being sued for wanting to release previously unreleased tracks by Azalea, which she claims was stolen from her. 

He may also be trying to sell a sex tape of Azalea.

The pair started dating when she was just 17. 

Stolen songs

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Azalea's suit alleges that Williams "downloaded the entire contents of Azalea's personal computer" when he moved into her house in Atlanta in 2009.

The songs started appearing on iTunes, the Google Play store, and some music streaming websites in August, after Azalea hit number one on the Billboard charts with her single Fancy. 

Then last week, TMZ reported that a sex tape featuring Azalea was being shopped around for a seven-figure sum. 

Williams later told TMZ that he had an agreement which gave him rights to distribute music recordings and "'any' recording embodying visual images" of Azalea's. 

Azalea and her lawyers have said the agreement is a forgery of one she did sign when Williams introduced her to her former manager. 

Sources: The Hollywood Reporter, TMZ



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