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Much jealousy and unhappiness in F4 before they disbanded

TAIPEI - Former F4 member Van Ness Wu has opened up about being in one of the top Mandopop boy bands of the noughties.

Wu, 43, and bandmate Jerry Yan, 45, made a rare joint appearance on the latest episode of Chinese chat show Welcome Back To Sound, in which they reminisced about the good old days as well as the not-so-good parts. The other two members, Ken Chu, 43, and Vic Chou, 40, did not appear on the show.

Wu said: "If we really had a sense of security at that time and trusted each other, I think things might be different now."

"We were not particularly happy in the end," he said, adding that there were feelings of jealousy and unfairness.

He confessed that he felt a sense of relief when they split up as "it was time".

The foursome had been brought together as a group in 2001 after appearing in wildly popular Taiwanese series Meteor Garden but have not released an album since 2007's Waiting For You. In early 2013, the group performed at Jiangsu TV's Spring Festival in China and hinted at a concert tour which did not happen.

Despite splitting up, there appeared to be no bad blood between the foursome as it was revealed on the show that they had all met up at Wu's place about four or five years ago.

Wu and Yan were also shown recording and sending Chou a Chinese New Year greeting.

At the end of the day of filming, Yan said, referring to Wu: "I think this show has brought me closer to him."