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No ticket too expensive for Madonna concert

No ticket is too expensive when it's to watch a Madonna concert, said Mr Tan Boon Tong.

The 35-year-old food service executive splashed out a cool $1,288 for a VIP ticket to her concert this Sunday just to get "quite close to the stage".

He watched her concert for the first time in Bangkok earlier this month and will be flying to Sydney next month to catch her again. He forked out about $600 each for both tickets.

Mr Tan told The New Paper: "Even I think it's crazy to pay that much but I might as well go for the best.

"I'm not too sure what this ticket entails. Overseas, fans who paid top dollar for VIP tickets get a special VIP book, food, drinks and pre-party access among others.

"It'd be unfair to Singapore fans if we don't get the same perks."

Mr Tan has been a fan since 1995, when his secondary school music teacher introduced him to Madonna's 1994 song Take A Bow.

That sparked his interest and spurred him to buy his first magazine which featured her on the cover.

To date, his collection comprises some 2,000 local and international magazine titles, CDs, vinyls and other merchandise which cost him a total of about $56,000.

Since his older brother moved out, Mr Tan stores his collection in the disused bedroom in the four-room Ang Mo Kio flat that he shares with his parents.

"When I was younger, I would spend my lunch time at Tower Records or HMV and pore over CDs that I planned to buy," said Mr Tan.

"Most of my pay from working part-time as a sales assistant at John Little would go towards those CDs."


After he noticed global interest in Asian magazines and CDs, Mr Tan sold some of his magazines online.

He sold a $150 box set containing a Rebel Heart vinyl, poster and other collectibles for nearly $1,400.

His mum has called him "crazy", but to him, Madonna is like his second mother figure.

"Her songs and on-stage speeches contain such inspiring, powerful messages," said Mr Tan.

"She also helps us learn through her mistakes.

"I respect that she is daring enough to speak her mind."