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Rapper Drake catches book hurled at him during concert

SAN FRANCISCO – Musicians now need to have lightning-quick reflexes apart from singing and dancing skills.

Canadian rap superstar Drake is no stranger to having random objects, such as bras and e-cigarettes, thrown at him onstage.

In several fan-captured videos, the 36-year-old was seen effortlessly catching a blue book that was hurled at him during his It’s All A Blur Tour in San Francisco last Friday. The object thrown was a copy of Drake’s new poetry book, Titles Ruin Everything: A Stream Of Consciousness, which he co-wrote with long-time songwriting partner Kenza Samir.

“You’re lucky I’m quick,” said Drake sternly to the fan before tossing the book to the side. “I would’ve had to beat your a** if that hit me in the face.”

Perhaps the concertgoer who threw the book was unhappy that Drake did not offer a designer handbag, which he did at an earlier concert in Inglewood, California.

Last Wednesday, the singer generously gifted a pink Hermes Birkin bag, supposedly worth US$35,000 (S$48,000), to a female fan in the front row, declaring that “Drake ain’t cheap”.

In a 2017 interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Drake said he had been collecting Hermes Birkin bags for years as he intended to give them to the woman he settles down with.