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Richie Jen’s fan thanks him for saving her life 22 years ago

SHENYANG – Taiwanese singer-actor Richie Jen touched the hearts of many fans during his recent concert in Shenyang, China.

Jen, 56, is now touring China, with the latest leg in Shenyang over the weekend.

In a video which went viral on Weibo, a young woman wearing bunny ears was seen speaking during a segment on Sunday in which Jen invited fans to pick a song.

“I am 23 years old this year, but I have known you for 22 years, and you have carried me before when I was young,” she said.

Holding two photos of Jen carrying a little girl, she said she had a congenital heart disease when she was more than a year old in 2001.

“My family was unable to help me due to financial difficulties,” she said. “You read about it in Shidai Shangbao while you were on the way to Shenyang for a concert and donated 30,000 yuan to my family so I could go for the operation.”

The audience cheered at her speech. Her companion beside her held up an old copy of Shidai Shangbao, a business daily in Shenyang, which ran the news of Jen visiting the girl before the operation.

The singer was surprised and speechless for a while before saying: “You have grown up.”

The young woman requested Jen’s 1998 song Don’t Change. She hoped the love between them and the love in the world will not change.

Jen, who held a concert in Marina Bay Sands in April, is known to be keen on charity and helping those in need. He has been in the entertainment industry for 33 years and is best known for songs such as Too Soft-Hearted (1996) and The Sad Pacific (1998).

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