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Rock 'n' roll legend Berry dies

Chuck Berry, one of the creators of rock 'n' roll who helped shape modern youth culture with his dance-ready rhythms, died on Saturday.

He was 90.

Police in the St Louis area, where Berry was born and lived most 
of his life, told AFP that first responders found him unresponsive 
when they answered an emergency call at his home.

Another 100 for Walking Dead

Ratings juggernaut The Walking Dead revealed last Friday that fans can expect to see its increasingly rancid zombies shambling across their small screens for years to come.

The AMC show, the most successful basic cable TV series in history, tells the story of sheriff's deputy Rick Grimes, who leads his son Carl and an ever-growing band of survivors in a zombie apocalypse. Showrunner Scott Gimple reminded fans on the opening night of Hollywood's annual PaleyFest television festival that October's season eight opener would be the 100th episode.

"The first episode, I think, is less about we've reached 100 episodes; it's more about setting up the next 100 episodes," he said.

Gimple said of the current seventh season, which has three episodes left: "The end of the season is very much the end of a chapter."

But he promised the beginning of a "gigantic, epic tale" in October. - AFP

Depeche Mode return with Spirit

Depeche Mode are back, releasing their 14th studio album which the British synth-pop musicians describe as "bleak". The Syrian conflict and rise of nationalism in Europe are cited by the band as inspiration for their songs on Spirit.

"I think it is a quite bleak album, it doesn't view humanity very kindly but... by calling it Spirit, maybe that helps to get us back on the right path," guitarist and keyboardist Martin Gore told Reuters.

"We knew it was a little bit dangerous to make an album that could be construed as being political, but we felt that it was necessary."

Depeche Mode added that they were "baffled" by alt-right leader Richard Spencer, who was quoted calling them "the official band of the alt-right".

The controversial American later tweeted that he was "joking" and that he was "a lifelong Depeche Mode fan". - REUTERS