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Taiwanese singer Alec Su says no to former bandmate Nicky Wu’s dinner invitation

TAIPEI – Taiwanese singer-actor Alec Su was crowned the overall champion of the second season of Chinese reality show Call Me By Fire last Friday.

However, the 49-year-old turned down an invitation from former Little Tigers bandmate Nicky Wu to celebrate his win.

This was revealed by Wu’s wife, Chinese actress Liu Shishi, during a recent event, according to Taiwan’s TVBS News.

Liu, 35, was asked for her views on Su’s participation in Call Me By Fire. She praised his performance and revealed that she and Wu had invited him to dinner after the show ended. The invitation was declined by Su, who is single.

No, the former bandmates did not have a falling out.

“Alec said we either arranged blind dates for him or made him pay the bill when we invited him to dinners in the past,” said Liu with a smile. “He asked whether he had to pick up the tab again, as he had won the show.”

The actress continued: “Actually, I just wanted to ask Alec to recommend Nicky if there were opportunities for a good show like Call Me By Fire in the future.”

Su and Wu, 52, were members of the now defunct Taiwanese boy band Little Tigers, which also comprised Julian Chen, 51.

Taiwanese actor Nicky Wu and his wife, actress Liu Shishi. They had invited Su to dinner, but Su declined. PHOTO: NICKY WU/WEIBO

Formed in 1988, the group shot to stardom with their good looks and catchy songs, such as Fly Butterfly Fly (1991), Red Dragonfly (1990) and Green Apple Paradise (1989). They went their separate ways in 1996.

The trio ventured into acting after they went solo, with Wu and Su enjoying greater career success.

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