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Woman assaulted at JJ Lin concert after asking fans not to block view

A woman took to Weibo recently to share how she was assaulted by a few fans at a JJ Lin concert after asking them to be seated and not block the view of other concertgoers. 

She posted about the incident after the concert, which was held at Hong Kong’s Central Harbourfront Event Space on Friday (March 17). 

This was not the only mishap that occurred at the show, which also saw the absence of Mirror singer Ian Chan who was due to perform

In her post, the woman shared that she asked two women who were standing on their seats and holding up signs to get down as they were blocking the view.

She said that they refused to comply and shouted back at her, even threatening to beat her such that she could not leave the premises. 

She wrote in her post: “They pulled my hair, snatched my phone, forced me to delete the videos [I took of them], and dug out my cosmetic contact lenses.”


She also claimed one of the women swore at JJ Lin in an attempt to provoke or spite her. 

“Pretty lady, no matter how amazing you are, don't be a weirdo towards JJ Lin on stage - cursing him to die just to anger me. It won't work, all that does is demean yourself,” she said in her post. 

The woman said she made a police report over the incident, and has clips of the fight - filmed by other fans - as evidence. 

She requested other netizens on Weibo to share more footage of the incident if they could.

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