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New J-pop group Pottya look to make the big time

Since making their debut on Thursday (Jan 15), J-pop quintet Pottya has been making waves.

Described as a "chubby girl" idol group, each member of the quintet weighs about 76kg giving the act a collective weight of around 380kg.

In its few days of existence, Pottya has been celebrated by some for being real while simultaneously slammed them for daring to be larger than the typical idol group. 

Ohayo Seoul reported that over 2,100 hopefuls auditioned to be in the group.

In the end it was Risa Oki, Maiko Indo, Mai Yokokawa, Emi Tsukada, and Michiko Ohashi that made the final cut.

Their music video for their debut single Po. Po. Po. Pocha Rinko, which will be released on Jan 28, does nothing to play down the "big girls like cakes" cliche.

In between shots of the five shaking their collective booty, the girls plays with outsized confectionery.



The video has garned a mix of comments:

Tokyo Hive reported that the girls are undeterred criticism. They told Japanese media at their press conference last week that they were on a plus-sized mission.

They said:

"We can't be idols if we're not slim? In order to destroy those doubts, us chubby girls came together and formed an idol unit.

While aiming to become orthodox idols who can sing and dance, we want to give dreams to chubby girls.  

There are so many things that we want to do, such as holding lives, livening up food festivals, and appearing in dramas. 

In order to do that, we want many people to come to know us. Everyone, please support us!"

When it comes to criticism about weight, you can't harry Pottya.

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