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Taiwanese star poses a science question about her weight

Going by what Taiwanese entertainer Vivian Hsu says, she always puts on weight when she flies back there from Singapore, where her husband, a businessman, is based.

And no, it has nothing to do with her indulging in her favourite homeland delicacies.

Hsu, 47, said on Instagram that she was told she would  be 0.7kg lighter in Singapore than in Taiwan. The post included a photo of feet on a weighing scale reading 42.8.

She wrote: “So strictly speaking, I’m 43.5kg in Taiwan! So how heavy am I exactly? Which weight should I follow? I really want to know… Can someone explain this to me? Why?”

Some fans were quick to grasp the, well, gravity of the situation. SHE WEIGHS ONLY 43KG!

There were aunty-aunty comments that Hsu, who is 1.61m tall, is too skinny.

As for the science of it - something the singer-actress-model admitted wasn’t her strength - it is true that weight can vary slightly in different places, especially when there is a difference in latitude as there is between Singapore and Taiwan.

So, to any Taiwanese thinking of coming to Singapore, this city has much to offer. It can even make you lose weight as soon as you set foot here.

And then you can tell everyone about it on Instagram.

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