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Actor Will Liu charges $114,000 for a 20-second video on Douyin

BEIJING – Taiwanese actor Will Liu, who made it big as a fitness live-streamer during the pandemic, has become a hot topic for his asking fee.

A recent report on news portal Beijing Business Today claimed that he charges 600,000 yuan (S$114,000) for a 20-second video for the upcoming June 18 shopping festival. This is the second-largest shopping day in China after Singles’ Day on Nov 11.

The 50-year-old star – together with his wife Vivi Wang, 45, who often appears in his social-media posts – has amassed more than 70 million followers on Douyin, way surpassing big names in China such as actors Xiao Zhan (16 million) and Wang Yibo (14 million).

Netizens have expressed amazement at his astronomical fee, with some saying he does not deserve to make so much money.

His fans have supported him, with one netizen writing: “At least he’s transparent about his price. If you find him expensive, you don’t have to work with him.”

Others pointed out that he is huge on the Chinese version of TikTok. He had set a record on the platform in 2022 for the most viewed single live stream, racking up 44.76 million views and 200 million “likes”.

Fellow Taiwanese actor Hao Shao-wen, 32, was dragged into the fray during a recent live stream, where it was implied he was also earning big bucks.

The former child star, who moved to China to further his show-business career, replied: “What do you work for? Is it to make money? Coincidentally, I do too. Is there anything shameful about making money? It’s all to make a living and to take care of the family.”