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Actors Glenn Yong and Eleanor Lee say their 'misunderstanding' has been resolved

Actors Glenn Yong and Eleanor Lee, who have reportedly been in mediation over a harassment case, appear to have settled the dispute.

While both had kept the matter private, Lee, 22, who is the daughter of host Quan Yifeng, broke her silence with a post on Instagram Stories on Monday (Aug 8).

"As you may be aware, there were some issues/disagreements between my colleague Glenn Yong and myself since sometime around August 2021," she wrote.

Without going into details, she said that they were able to resolve the "misunderstanding" with the help of their lawyers and added that they "have since cleared the air" and "found closure".

Yong, 25, who is best known for his roles in the Ah Girls Go Army (2022) movies, later posted a similar statement on his Instagram Stories to say that they have “managed to resolve these issues with the help of our lawyers and have since cleared the air”.  He did not give details on what were the issues.

Both Lee and Yong thanked their fans for standing by them.

According to a report on Mothership on Sunday, Yong had revealed on Instagram Stories in late March that he was being harassed online for four to five months by an unnamed person. "How in the world can this person be so obsessed and so free for the past few months?" he wrote at the time, adding that he had made a police report.

Since April, the two have been to multiple mediation sessions, with the nature of the case classified under the Protection from Harassment Act, Mothership reported.

Lee, who has been sharing behind-the-scenes clips of her work, posted a cryptic message on her Instagram Stories an hour after her initial statement.

On top of a selfie, she wrote: "Sometimes people can't make their own fire, so they'll get up into someone's grill."

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