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Actress Eleanor Lee's TikTok account hacked, all content deleted

Singaporean actress Eleanor Lee's TikTok account has been hacked and all the videos she had uploaded have been deleted.

Lee, 22, who is based in China, put up a series of posts on Instagram Stories on Tuesday (March 29) to say that her TikTok account had already been hacked and recovered twice but the attacks just would not stop.

"As content creators, you're always really proud of the effort you put into your posts. And when your account gets hacked, (you) feel really upset," she wrote.

"Like all my hard work is lost and gone and, worst of all, stolen and deleted."

She added that the hackers tried to send her direct messages in an attempt to blackmail her and might also have access to her text messages.

"So every morning, I always wake up feeling scared that my other social media accounts are being hacked," she said.

"Having to check constantly every minute. It's honestly affecting my own social life as I don't dare to trust anyone or any app."

Lee, who is the daughter of host Quan Yifeng, said she had made a police report and warned her followers to be on guard against phishing messages about their posts being wrongfully reported.

She reassured her fans that she still can be found on Twitter and Instagram, as well as Douyin and Xiaohongshu, which are China's version of TikTok and Instagram respectively.

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