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Ase Wang postpones wedding due to Covid-19 restrictions

Singaporean actress Ase Wang has postponed her upcoming marriage registration and wedding plans due to the latest restrictions on travel arising from the Covid-19 pandemic.

The 38-year-old got engaged to American-born Chinese tech entrepreneur Jon Lor in February after dating him for six months.

The couple, who are based in Bangkok, were planning to return to Singapore to register their marriage at the Registry of Marriages in Singapore on March 31, before flying to the Maldives for an intimate wedding.

Wang said in a statement: “But the latest quarantine measures announced today (March 15), requiring people who enter Singapore with recent travel history to Asean countries to be issued with a 14-day stay-home notice, have made the registration impossible.

“(And) as many of Jon’s family are based in the United States, which is also struggling to cope with this, the scheduled wedding celebrations in the Maldives will also have to be postponed.”

She acknowledged that it is a “stressful time for all right now”, adding: “The situation is indeed unfortunate but in these circumstances of Love in the Age of Covid-19, we all have to learn to be more resilient.

"I look forward to when our wedding plans will get back to where they need to be. Until then, I guess Jon and I will remain in Bangkok, and in love, till further notice.”