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Bukit Batok condo address makes appearance in US animation Archer

SINGAPORE - The mention of a Singapore address in the latest season of American animated sitcom Archer has netizens here excited.

A character in episode seven of season 12 mentions "1 Bukit Batok Street 25, Singapore 658882", which turns out to be the location of Parkview Apartments.

This was spotted by a TikToker @joie.tan last week, who shared a clip of her looking confused while watching a snippet of the episode which is largely set in Singapore.

She also posed the question: "Why did Archer just reference my childhood home address?"

The clip had more than 210,000 views as of Monday (Dec 6) afternoon, while a follow-up clip she posted with the address being uttered had more than 282,000 views.

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The long-running series about a dysfunctional secret agent named Archer, which started in 2009, is available on Netflix.

The TikTok user was so intrigued that she even sent a message on Instagram to the writer of the episode, Alison Zeidman, and got a reply.

"I don't remember exactly what my thinking was as far as looking in that particular neighbourhood, but I do remember wanting to include some authentic details and looking at how addresses are listed there," Zeidman wrote.

In the comments section, some netizens mentioned that they lived at that condo or nearby. Others poked fun at how "Bukit Batok" was mispronounced so it sounded more like "Bookeet Baytock".

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