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Clip from drama Lion Mums showing migrant worker discrimination goes viral

A clip from Mediacorp Channel 5 drama Lion Mums has gone viral for showing the discrimination faced by migrant workers here.

The scene from the fourth season, which was released on Monday (Dec 6), was posted on the channel's Facebook page on the same day and has more than 4.3 million views as of press time.

Titled Leave Your Discrimination At The Door, the two-minute clip shows a schoolgirl almost being run over by a reversing pickup, but is saved in the nick of time by a migrant worker.

In the incident which takes place outside a school, he pushes her out of harm's way but is injured in the arm in the process.

However, the girl's mother then launches an attack on the worker and even tells him to get away from her daughter and not to touch her.

She also demands to speak to his boss to get him fired and threatens to make a police report, but leaves in a huff after being admonished by another mum.

This unreasonable and prejudiced behaviour, seen in the first episode of the show about four Singaporean mums, riled up netizens, who shared the clip almost 5,000 times and left more than 800 comments.

While there were many netizens who condemned the actions of the mother, there were also some racist remarks as well as those who were so triggered that they wanted to punch her.

The drama stars Vanessa Vanderstraaten, Nurul Aini, Constance Lau and Lina Ng, and the first 10 episodes are now available on meWatch.

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