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Ex-Night Owl Cinematics talent Nina Tan diagnosed with alopecia

She had been sharing about her hair loss on social media for over a month

Former Night Owl Cinematics talent Nina Tan has revealed that she has been diagnosed with alopecia.

After documenting her struggles with hair loss on social media, Tan said in an Instagram post on Saturday (April 23) that she received her diagnosis two months ago.

In a heartfelt post, she shared videos of her receiving treatment for the autoimmune disorder that causes hair to fall, often in clumps.

Tan thanked the "hundreds" who offered her support and advice on how to deal with her affliction, and gave an update on how she was feeling.

"Some days I'm okay, some days I'm not and I don’t wanna pretend to be all good. I loved my long-ass hair and I even thought about shaving my whole head," she shared.


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Tan said it was "disheartening" to find out she had alopecia, and although there have been results amid her treatment, she said her alopecia was still "at a spreading stage".

She added that she has been struggling to deal with the "constant hair loss, swelling, (and) throbbing headaches”.

"I know it’s just hair… but this entire period (has been) just frustrating," she said.


Tan had been candidly sharing about her hair loss on her Instagram for over a month.


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In a post on March 9, she said she wanted to document her new "botak-ness". At the time, Tan said she had three bald spots and that they were "obvious signs" she needed to relax.

She ends off her latest post with some words of encouragement: “Baby steps baby hair ftw! Will continue to update on the progression since many of you are also going through it as well.”

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