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Extraordinary Attorney Woo director delayed filming for actress Park Eun-bin

SEOUL - K-drama Extraordinary Attorney Woo, which has been winning fans since it began airing on June 29, was delayed by a year as its director wanted actress Park Eun-bin for the title role.

The breakout star of the surprise hit, Park, 29, plays a woman with autism who is a brilliant but awkward lawyer and has a love for whales.

However, the actress had earlier turned down the role from director Yoo In-sik in favour of another K-drama, The King's Affection (2021).

At a recent press conference for Extraordinary Attorney Woo, Park said she was daunted by the character she had to play, as well as taking on the lead role for the first time.

According to a report in Koreaboo, she said: "To be honest, this drama was supposed to air at the same time as The King's Affection, but I chose The King's Affection instead. But thankfully, they chose to wait a whole year for me.

"I asked them if they hadn't thought of working with another actor, but they told me they trusted me. I was able to muster up my courage to repay that trust."

Yoo's reason for waiting for Park was simple: "I couldn't imagine another actor playing Woo Young-woo."

The 16-episode legal drama, which is airing twice a week in South Korea, is being released simultaneously on Netflix. It reportedly cost 20 billion won (S$21 million) to produce and also stars Kang Tae-oh.

It has been steadily climbing the charts and is currently the top series in South Korea after six episodes. It was also the top non-English series on Netflix from July 4 to 10.

The runaway success of the show has also led to talks of an American remake, less than a month after it started airing.

The character of Woo has captured the imagination of several South Korean YouTubers, who recently came under fire for posting parodies of her behaviour and imitating her unique speech patterns. They apologised after being called out by netizens.