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Fann Wong: I don't trust my husband's feedback now

Local actress Fann Wong, who launched her online pastry Fanntasy in October, attributed her motivation to husband Christopher Lee and son Zed.

Like the two tart flavours - Musang King Gula Melaka Tart and Signature Valrhona Chocolate Tart - which are inspired by both chocolate fans. Lee is also a durian lover.

Yet, Wong, 50, revealed in an interview with Icon Singapore, that she is now more skeptical of Lee’s feedback.

“He used to be the first taste-tester but he has become less enthusiastic. And sometimes, I feel his expression is ‘over’, so I don’t really trust (his opinion) now,” she said with a laugh.

As for Zed, seven, who does not have really like desserts and most times, he would usually reject her request to sample the sweet stuff. But, he loves the different varieties of bread that she makes, Wong added happily.

And because of this, “the smell of baked bread and cakes in the kitchen will become the memory of his mother”, Wong said. “This is also what I would like to give to him.”

She said she did not regret scaling back on her acting career for her son and being involved in his growing up years.

“I believe when he grows older, he won’t allow me to spend so much time (and attention) on him. So by giving him all my love and time now, it will be easier to let go when the time comes,” said Wong.

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