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Jayley Woo, who is eight months pregnant, registers her marriage

Actress Jayley Woo has registered her marriage in an intimate ceremony attended by just 11 of her loved ones on Tuesday.

The 31-year-old, who is eight months pregnant, posted a photo on Instagram of her hugging her husband, known only by his surname Tan, with his back to the camera.

In her caption, she wrote: “Officially Mrs Tan.”

Her marriage registration date also coincided with her birthday, which she shares with her twin, actress Hayley Woo.

Jayley Woo had made a surprise announcement in October, revealing that she was then six months pregnant and was engaged to someone who works behind the scenes in show business.

She had found love again after her boyfriend, actor Aloysius Pang, 28, died in a military training accident in New Zealand in 2019.

With her baby due in January, there are no plans to hold a wedding banquet until Dec 27, 2023.

“The date will be easy to remember, but because it is ‘three in one’, I may receive only one gift,” she joked when interviewed by Chinese newspaper Shin Min Daily News after she broke the news of her marriage.

She also gave an update on her health, saying that she had put on 13kg during her pregnancy and has gestational diabetes.

Just last week, she tested positive for Covid-19 for the second time, but has since made a full recovery.

She has already picked a name for her baby girl, who will be called Jan. “Our parents on both sides are very nervous. It is the first grandchild for both families. They are very excited and looking forward to it.”

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