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Joanne Peh incurs wrath over her 'dishonest contractors' remarks

Finding a reliable renovation contractor is challenging, and celebrities are not spared from such headaches either.

Joanne Peh, who has candidly shared about her renovation woes since acquiring a new place last September, recently engaged in a war of words with some netizens who took issue with her sweeping statement that all contractors are dishonest.

In a Nov 12 Instagram post, the local actress hinted that she was conned by a contractor while renovating her house.

"Contractors — perhaps there’s a reason why it starts with CON, though I cannot understand why it has to be this way. Do I look like a carrot?” Peh, 38, questioned.

Her post generated a strong debate among netizens. 


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While many supported her and shared their own renovation frustrations, some took offence and declared that not all contractors are bad.

One netizen, who runs her own renovation company, wrote: "Not all contractors are con man or actors! Please do not generalise all contractors. We make an honest and hard living too and do not expect all to understand the difficulties of our trade."

In her reply, Peh said that she understands where the netizen is coming from.

"I do believe in the goodness of people and there’ll be bad eggs who bring down the good ones, as with any industry," she wrote.

An exchange with another netizen took a heated turn when the person said Peh was “unprofessional and unfair” to generalise and stereotype all contractors because of her personal experience.

The netizen wrote: "I can understand and empathise on her situation, but to vent those feelings publicly and then criticising the entire trade instead of going through the right channels and avenues seems inappropriate."

Peh told the person off in her reply. “Who are you to tell me what I should be sharing and what not? Or even saying that I need to specifically say what had happened. If I do, it will attract the wrong attention and people will end up taking sides, that’s not the intent – which I will reiterate.”



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