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K-drama Extraordinary Attorney Woo breaks ratings records

Hit courtroom K-drama Extraordinary Attorney Woo broke its own ratings record with its final episode, which aired in South Korea on Thursday (Aug 18).

According to Nielsen Korea, the 16-part series' finale had an average nationwide rating of 17.5 per cent, which is also the highest in broadcaster ENA's programme history.

ENA, a relatively new pay television channel in the country, came to prominence due to the success of Extraordinary Attorney Woo.

The fictional drama is centred on genius female protagonist Woo Young-woo (played by Park Eun-bin), the first lawyer with autism in South Korea. Structured around the cases that she handles, the series tracks her growth as a capable rookie lawyer, her workplace struggles as an autistic person and her relationships with her colleagues, including a budding romance.

Its record ratings places the series in proximity with other top-performing K-dramas in South Korea's cable television history, such as Goblin (2016 to 2017), which had an 18.7 per cent rating for its final episode.

Other top-scoring South Korean series in recent years include the massively popular romance Crash Landing On You (2019 to 2020), whose finale garnered an average nationwide rating of 21.7 per cent , and infidelity drama The World Of The Married (2020), which recorded 28.3 per cent for its last episode.

Extraordinary Attorney Woo, hailed by many for its heartwarming story, also performed well outside of South Korea, where it is available on streaming platform Netflix.

It is the most-watched non-English language series globally from July 4 to Aug 14 - aside from a dip to the second spot in the week of July 18. As of Aug 14, it has been viewed for more than 69 million hours globally.

In Singapore, the series has been on Netflix's top 10 television charts for seven weeks, with five of those at the number one spot.

It is also the most-watched television series on Netflix for other South-east Asian nations such as Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines and Vietnam.