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Song Joong-ki is upset over false rumours about new wife

SEOUL – Newly married South Korean actor Song Joong-ki has spoken up about the intense scrutiny his wife Katy Louise Saunders faced after their relationship came to light in December 2022.

“At first, I didn’t think much of the rumours,” he said in an interview with GQ Korea magazine. The 37-year-old appears on the cover of its March issue.

“To people like us, that is part of life and even if a lot of people knew about our relationship, it’s not like our love was going to change. But to be honest, when some of the rumours just grew unbelievable, I felt angry,” he said.

Song, who was married to top K-drama actress Song Hye-kyo from 2017 to 2019, announced on Jan 30 that he had registered his marriage to Saunders, 38, a British actress, who is pregnant with his child.

Even before he made the marriage announcement, rumours had been swirling that she was pregnant.

Other rumours at the time included speculation that she was a single mum after old photos resurfaced of her appearing pregnant at events and later with a young child, presumably her daughter.

In the GQ interview, Song Joong-ki said: “Other than the name of the university she graduated from, most of the other rumours are not true. While my frustration was growing, Katy said, ‘There’s no need to get angry at these people’.”

“I won’t say too much more, but she’s that kind of person. She leads me towards a positive outlook and we balance each other out,” he said, adding that she is “a person full of goodness and good stories”.

“I’m so happy. I’m happy, but at the same time, I’m not a hugely emotional person. I know that I am experiencing a lot of new feelings, but then again, I feel like nothing much has changed,” said the Reborn Rich (2022) star,who is currently filming in Europe, accompanied by Saunders and their dog.

“But creating my own family and having children were two of my biggest goals in life, so I’m excited and a little anxious, but in a good way, and I’m trying not to get too worked up.”


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