WATCH: Ellen DeGeneres finally gets pranked by The Today Show's Matt Lauer

Ellen DeGeneres is known for her pranks during her show.

She especially loves to pull pranks on Matt Lauer, the host of The Today Show.

The 57-year-old television journalist has been the victim of many cheeky digital edits of his show by DeGeneres and her team. He and his co-workers have been made to look like they had a Fifty Shades of Grey makeover and kinky foot fetishes. 

No other celebrity has ever managed to prank the sharp Degeneres, but Lauer did.

He said, "It took a lot of balls to pull this prank." 



He waited for the taping of DeGeneres' show to fill her car with 20,000 table tennis balls. 

When she discovered the mess, it didn't take her long to figure out who did it. 

"I'll get you, Matt Lauer!" she screamed. "Damn you, Lauer! He's littering. This is against the law!"

Although they ended up laughing and declaring their love for each other, Lauer admitted he knew he was in trouble. 

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He said on The Today Show, "You know the definition of a nanosecond? That's the period of time between feeling good about getting her back and being scared for your life."

Source: E! Online, The Today Show

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