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X-Factor judge Simon Cowell says no to showing... dolphins in captivity

Acid-tongued Briton Simon Cowell is known for his cutting comments to reality show contestants.

But the animal lover, 54, showed a softer side on social media yesterday (Oct 1).

The X Factor boss agreed to cut scenes featuring several contestants swimming with dolphins, after protestors highlighted their concerns over animal cruelty and the negative impact on younger generations.

The online petition gained over 8,000 supporters.

Here's what he tweeted in response.

Cowell's decision to axe the controversial scenes has been welcomed by animal rights group Peta​, which has a long-standing relationship with the reality show judge.

British newspaper Mirror quoted a Peta​ spokesman: “Simon has always been a good friend to animals, so it's no surprise to Peta​ that he has intervened to prevent The X Factor from glamourising swimming with dolphins.

“Many of the highly intelligent and social animals incarcerated in these sad displays have endured the trauma of being caught and torn away from their families before they are sold into a life of captivity... We're very grateful to Simon for taking a stand against these cruel marine displays...”

Sources: Mirror, Twitter

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