Almost-groom turns cancelled wedding reception into a fundraiser

His girlfriend broke up with him close to the wedding.

But would-be groom Phil Laboon decided to make lemonade out of lemons - by turning his wedding reception into a charity fundraiser in Pittsburgh, US.

He had already paid for the reception anyway.

Not wanting things to go to waste, he turned it into a fundraiser event last week called LemonAid - which raises money for a charity called Surgicorps. 

The charity helps children get surgery in developing countries. Proceeds raised will go towards a trip to Africa.

When news of the event spread, people started donating.

Laboon admitted: "This isn't easy for me.

"But I'm excited I can help and I'm excited for Surgicorps."

He added: "It's just making the best out of a bad situation... Do you just flush money down the toilet or do you roll your sleeves up and try to do something good?"

Source: WTAE Pittsburgh