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Bike with vintage style


This is one of the smallest vintage-looking motorcycles.

But the 750cc Street Rod draws its inspiration from a different genre - American drag bikes and muscle cars.

It also feels like a different machine from the previous Street 750.

The Street Rod, equipped with beefier upside-down forks and dual front brake calipers, has more bite in the handling and performance departments.

With a steeper rake and shorter wheelbase, the Street Rod is more agile when tackling bends.

The High Output Revolution X 750 engine on the Street Rod produces 18 per cent more horsepower and 8 per cent more torque than the standard Revolution X 750 engine.

Perhaps the only issue on the Harley are its wide footpegs, which occasionally brush against your calves at traffic stops.

The low RPM punch makes it ideal for daily urban commute and accelerating from traffic stops.

Harley-Davidson of Singapore

Tel: 6475-0123

Machine price only: $19,900